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dog owner giving her German Shepherd a kiss


"Julie helped train our dog and us!"

Julie and Joe are extremely knowledgeable trainers! After researching several trainers in Grand Rapids, we enlisted their help for our hyper, reactive German Shepherd (1.5 years old) to help target some key behaviors, especially when taking our dog in public settings. Julie helped train BOTH our dog and us and would provide homework for us to continue training between sessions. They’re super friendly and I would definitely recommend ANY dog owners, but especially German Shepherd owners to call them! 

— Salma + Charlie


"Jax was a totally different dog when he came home!"

So happy with MSDT!! Jax was a totally different dog when he came home. If you are hesitant to have your family member trained by someone else—you have nothing to worry about. I was worried he wouldn’t remember us, wouldn’t listen to us, wouldn’t “be ours” anymore. He came home a BETTER & even more affectionate & loving Jax! So very happy!

— Dale, Kari + Jax

German Shepherd puppy on the playground
black German Shepherd and Pit Bull


"I feel confident and safe leaving our dogs in their care and training!"

Julie and Joe are such kind people and truly love dogs. We are seeing such improvement with our German Shepherd puppy and Pit Bull! I feel 100% confident and safe leaving our dogs in their care and training!

— Aaron, Natalie, Echo + Jax


"If you're looking for a dog whisperer, search no further!"

If you’re looking for a Dog Whisperer, search no further! We found Mitten State Dog Training when we were researching places that offered board and train services. Our 3 year old yellow lab, Star, had a mind of his own and we needed someone to help correct the issues that we couldn’t.

After 3 weeks of Joe & Julie’s expert assistance, we welcomed back a well-trained dog that is much better on all fronts. He is now calmer around other people and dogs (a constant work in progress), and is a joy to go on walks without him being the one in control. They gave our family the tools we needed to be on the same page for consistency in how we respond to both of our dogs.

Star loves running on the treadmill to get his endless energy out and playing all of the training games he was taught…mostly for the treats, but it has been great for his recall, even with distractions. He is able to be in his place bed for 1-2 hours without tormenting the cats, which was a favorite past-time activity, and I think he’s as calm there as in his crate. Quite an accomplishment!

Thank you Julie & Joe for all that you did for us and Star! Your love and dedication to our pets is apparent and greatly appreciated. You’re worth every bit of the investment and wish we would have started with you when they were puppies. Lesson learned! We look forward to working with you again when we get our next puppy!

— Jon, Jan + Star

dog owners with their yellow lab
dog saying hi with his paw


"I honestly don't know what we would have done without Julie!"

We are so grateful for Julie at Mitten State. We were overwhelmed with our high drive puppy, and I honestly don’t know what we would have done without Julie. She jumped right in and has helped us with SO MUCH! The private lessons and board and train options she offers are allowing us to enjoy our sweet Willow puppy! Thank you for partnering with us Julie! You’re the best!!!!

— Amy + Willow


"The amount of progress we saw in our dog was phenomenal!"

Julie and Joe at Mitten State Dog Training are simply the best! I love how they offer a free consultation to make sure there is a good personality fit between owner, dog, and trainer. The amount of progress we saw in our dog Claire has been phenomenal, we were amazed at her transformation! At our first training session, our dog literally jumped up to kiss Joe on the face. Joe is probably 6 foot five! By the end of the training, she no longer jumped! People who were previously annoyed with her are now in love with her because of her behavior transformation. Thank you Julie and Joe for all the work you put into Claire!

— Susan + Claire

dog owner and her dog with their training certificate
Corgi posing with his training certificate


"Small class with focused attention made this experience excellent!"

We did puppy training and had a wonderful experience! Our class was very small and personable. We received so many helpful tips that elevated our learning. I had taken our puppy to classes prior to this one and while we focused on some of the same things, the small class environment with focused attention is what made this experience excellent! All of the skills we learned in class are still being used at home! It was well worth our drive for the help we received!

— Veronica + Frodo


"In less than 6 weeks, our dog was a TOTALLY different pup!"

When we first got our Great Dane, Ava Jane, we were in awe of her cuteness. Little did we know her cuteness would turn into stress! Ava was not a fan of other people, walking on a leash, other dogs, baths, or listening to us. My fiancé and I did a lot of research, but nothing worked. I messaged Julie and her response blew me away! She knew EXACTLY what we were dealing with and what it would take to get our pup to our standards.

We were nervous at first because we weren’t sure if spending the money on dog training was the way to go, but boy were we wrong! Julie met with us for a free consultation. She was kind, professional and very educated. She gave us amazing advice AND a plan of action. It was at the end of that meeting that we knew we had made the right decision!

Through all 6 training sessions, she showed us exactly what we needed to do—from building our pup’s confidence to being firm. She gave us helpful advice and homework. In less then 6 weeks, our puppy was a TOTAL different pup! Ava can now sit, hold eye contact, listen, go in her crate without crying, take baths like a pro, be out in public and allow strangers to pet her, and walk on her leash without dragging us along.

I can’t say enough good things about Julie! She is a miracle worker and dog whisperer! I highly recommend Julie to anyone and everyone, she is amazing! Your pup will thank you!

— Dalton, Brooklyn + Ava Jane

dog owners with their Great Dane

"They helped us train our first dog. We'll be back when we have a second!"



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