Private Lesson Programs 🐾

Learn what your dog needs to thrive! Beautiful obedience and a dog you can take anywhere – let us show you how to get there!


Our most popular programs for clients in the Grand Rapids area!

We offer custom-tailored training plans to suit the individual needs of your dog and your lifestyle. Whether your dog is jumping, pulling, barking, has zero manners, won’t listen—we can help fix those behaviors!

woman working on name recall with her dog during training session


Completely customized for you and your dog!

This is our concierge service. We will come to your house for one lesson and then move our training out into the real world!

The program you choose will determine how much we can accomplish over time i.e. walking nicely on a leash, basic to advanced obedience, puppy training, confidence building, treadmill training, place bed training, ecollar training, off leash recall, manners, and more!

"I can’t say enough good things about Julie! In less than 6 weeks, our dog was a TOTALLY different pup! She is a miracle worker and dog whisperer!"

— Dalton, Brooklyn + Ava Jane


Set your dog up for a lifetime of success!

4 one-on-one private lessons to address all of your concerns and get your dog off to the best possible start followed by as many group classes as you want!

This is our premium program designed to follow your dog for life! Just like school for a child, training your dog is not a one-and-done thing. In order to help your dog be his/her best self, it’s essential to continue to reinforce all the things they’ve learned for life!

Investment: $995

smiling little boy standing next to German Shepherd who is sitting beside him giving him a kiss on the cheek

"At our first training session, our dog literally jumped up to kiss Joe on the face. Joe is probably 6 foot 5! By the end of the training, she no longer jumped!"

— Susan + Claire

german shepherd sitting next to a chalkboard sign reading "VIP Pups" on a pretty downtown sidewalk

We're a good fit if...

You're sick and tired of your dog's bad behaviors and lack of manners.

You’re completely fed up and not sure how to handle your dog. You have to hide your dog or hold them down when guests come over. You’re constantly frustrated by your dog barking and jumping at the door.

You don’t have to live with these behaviors! You deserve a dog that has manners and is well-behaved!

You're tired of leaving your dog at home because you can't take them out in public.

You got a dog thinking you could take them on nice walks, go downtown, and have a coffee or ice cream. But instead, you have a dog that pulls horrendously, barks at other dogs, and stops to sniff the ground every 2 seconds.

It doesn’t have to be like this! You should be able to take your best friend anywhere without hassle!

You want a dog you can take anywhere and be proud of!

We will work with you and your dog to get you both on the same page. Your dog wants to do the right thing and please you. Unfortunately, a lot of dogs are just confused. 

We can help you fix these behaviors so you can take your dog anywhere and do anything!

Our Process

We would love nothing more than to help you and your dog! Please follow these three easy steps and you will be on your way – trust me, your dog will thank you!

dog sitting patiently looking up at his owner who is outside the photo

Step 1: Let us know you're interested in private lessons!

Tell us about your dog, your goals for training, and the package(s) you’re most interested in!

dog sitting with little boy and smiling at the camera

Step 2: Complimentary Consultation
(in-person or by phone)

We would love to meet you and your dog! We offer complimentary consultations so we can evaluate your dog’s behavior and temperament, talk about your goals, and help you choose the best training program for you.

German Shepherd puppy sitting on sidewalk, tilting head to one side, smiling with tongue hanging out

Step 3: Schedule your first lesson!

It’s time to get started – YAY! For private lessons, we’ll be in touch to schedule your lessons and let you know what you need to do or get before your first lesson!