V Alta-Tollhaus Ulfr “Steve” IPO2 KKL, OFA excellent hips, OFA normal elbows, DM clear/clear

Steve is titled in obedience, protection and tracking to the level of IPO2. We are currently training for his level 3 here in Michigan. Steve is an impressive and powerful male. He brings great structure to our breeding program. He has a very strong head and dark eyes. At his breed survey he was measured at 63.5cm which is at the smaller end of the standard for males. The judge noted that he would be excellent in breeding to correct proportions in females. In Steve’s five generation pedigree he has over twenty VA dogs. This is the highest rating that can be given and is only earned at a country’s Sieger show. To earn this rating, among other things, the dog must be titled in tracking, obedience and protection (this is also true to earn the V rating). Every dog in Steve’s pedigree has either a V or a VA rating. Quite a few dogs in Steve’s line on the mother side come from herding champions of the world renowned Kirschental kennel.

VA Enosch von Amasis SCHH3VA1 Ober von Bad-Boll SCHH3VA2 Quantum von Arminius SCHH3, 2x BSZS VA1 Zamp vom Thermodos SCHH3VA3 Esko vom Dänischen Hof SCHH3V1 Faye vom Kirschental HGHV Elsa vom Kuckucksland SCHH2

Steve’s Photos

Steve’s Pedigree

Steve’s hip, elbow and DM results

SG9 BSZS Olalala vom Legends Team IGP2 KKL

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Olalala’s Pedigree

SG1 Canadian Sieger Alta-Tollhaus Michigan “Mika”, BH, CA

​Mika is Steve’s half sister. Both share the same mother, Alta-Tollhaus Juno. Mika is a goofball and the comic relief of the household. This girl is so spirited she can’t help but make you smile. Mika is currently in training for IGP. This year we discovered lure coursing which Mika easily titled in at the UKC Premier dog show. 

Mika’s Photos

Mika’s Pedigree

Mika’s DM and Dentition results

SG Holly vom La’Mirage IPO1 KKL

Breed Survey report: “Large, medium-strong, substantial, very good ratio, very well-shaped head with dark mask and dark eyes, very good top line with very good withers, firm back, good length and position of the croup, good fore-quarters and very good hindquarters, balanced chest proportions, straight front, develops expansive corridors with free passage. TSB pronounced”

Holly’s Pedigree