Julie + Joe ๐Ÿพ

Mitten State Dog Training is owned and run by a husband and wife team. For most of their public service careers, Julie and Joe were trainers in their respective organizations. This, combined with their love and fascination with dogs, led to the perfect marriage in careers โ€“ dog training!


Let us help you get the dog you dreamed of through private lesson training or board + train options.

Not only will we teach you the basics โ€” sit, down, stay, come, heel โ€” we will get you out into the real world and put these skills to the test! It’s one thing to get your dog to sit or walk nicely in your living room or in a training facility. It’s another thing to get this level of obedience in a busy downtown area.

But it IS possible and we will show you how to get there!

Mitten State Dog Training Lead Trainer Julie with her German Shepherd Steve

We help owners achieve the best relationships possible with their dogs.

Julie began her professional dog training career in 2017 in Washington state where she was able to study and learn and perfect her craft. Prior to 2017 she was training and titling her own dogs.

Upon moving to Michigan, Julie opened Mitten State Dog Training. Not long after, she met her husband, Joe, who now helps with the day-to-day operations, which has been a dream come true!

Mitten State Dog Training has four team members now – Julie and Joe, along with trainers Megan and Lyrah.ย 


We would love for you to learn a bit more about us and our team!

Mitten State Dog Training Lead Trainer Julie with her German Shepherd Steve

Julie + Joe

With a focus on adult education, Julie has a passion for training owners to better understand their canine companions. Since 2010, Julie has been heavily involved with the German Shepherd breed – titling several dogs and starting a small breeding program.

Julie + Joe also run Vom Platzhirsch German Shepherd Dogs โ€“ a premier breeder of German Shepherds.

Mitten State Dog Training Trainer Megan and her dog Fynn


Megan brings an extensive knowledge of dog behavior to Mitten State Dog Training. She enjoys working one on one with clients to help them improve their relationships with their dogs. With a background in veterinary medicine, Megan brings a great and unique set of skills and knowledge to the team.
Megan offers private lessons, board + trains, and also runs our group classes.ย 
Mitten State Dog Training Trainer Lyrah and her dog


Lyrah is a phenomenal asset to the team at Mitten State Dog Training. She comes with 5 years of professional dog handling experience. Currently, she works full time as a kennel manager at a large boarding facility in the area.

Lyrah works primarily with our day training and board + train clients.

I canโ€™t say enough good things about Julie! She is a miracle worker and dog whisperer! I highly recommend Julie to anyone and everyone, she is amazing!

โ€” Dalton, Brooklyn + Ava Jane